the Lainey's luck logo: a drawing of a cat's head in a circle, with the name Lainey's Luck at the top and Thrift By The Pound around the bottom of the circle

We have affordable thrift

You need it, we got it - the way to improve your wardrobe on a budget! Whether it is a new Suede jacket, a new skirt, or that perfect handbag - we have got it all - and everything is only $6.99 a pound!

What does by the pound pricing mean? It means that you can find real designer labels, high quality vintage, and rugged used clothing all at unbelievably low prices. You have to put some effort in, but that is half the fun!

Tell me more!

You need to put some work in

We curate our stock, which is collected from multiple sources and sorted before being put it out on the floor.

We put most of it in large bins that you have to dig through. All the sizes and masc. and fem. type clothes are mixed, so you might have to search for a while to find the exact right item. But when you do, you'll be amazed at the price!

How good a deal?
a row of suede jackets on a rack, part of a mirro on the wall is visible
a wrinkled suede jacket on a wooden hanger

This suede jacket weighs 1.6 pounds. With taxes this would cost $12.63.

a blue T-shirt with the words for the shoe in white

This t-shirt weighs 0.4 pounds. It would add only $3.16 to your total.

Where do I get these deals?
a black dress on a wooden hanger

This dress weighs only 1 pound and would be $7.90 with taxes.

the Lainey's luck logo is visible on the glass of the store, a row of bins line the wall of the store behind it

Where to find us

Our location is 523 Bank Street in Ottawa, Ontario. We are just north of the intersection of Bank and Catherine St., on the east side of the street, in the same building as Instant Imprints, Galaxy Camera, and Meow that's Hot!

Our hours are:

Wed to Saturday 11:30am to 6:30pm ,
Sunday and Monday 11:30am to 5pm
and Tuesday closed

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Need a gift idea?
the inside of the store: a row of bins with dresses hanging on the wall
picture of a Lainey's Luck Bucks gift certificate that has the drawing of Lainey the cat in the middle, the address on the side (523 Bank St. 613-481-5246)

Need a gift idea?

Are you searching for the perfect gift for that hard to buy for person? Are you unsure of whether that perfect piece you found would fit?

Our Lainey's Luck Bucks $10 gift card could be the perfect purchase for you, anytime! They come in $10 dollar denominations, and now you can even

Order Online!.

Not local to Ottawa?

We have just launched online sales for the first time through a dedicated secure Online Store!

Currently we are offering 5 lb bundles of clothing picked from our bins - these are a mix of sizes and styles, both vintage and thrift - perfect for a group of friends or someone reselling in their community.

Order Online!
a row of suede jackets on a rack, part of a mirro on the wall is visible